Monday, August 13, 2007

We are almost thru the summer, and school will start soon. Chris and I are hoping to be able to go camping together before school starts again. Work is work for both me and Chris. I have started my degree program and will have a bachelors in business in about two yrs. I am excited to have a degree. Not so excited about the school work. Chris has gone to a couple of nascar races this summer with his mom. Sumer went to visit with her grandma in TX for a month. Boy did we miss her. Michael has hurt his hip doing something, we still don't know how. He is a great kid when he wants to be and a stinker when he want to be. They grow up so fast. Sable is still working while his girlfriend goes to school. His car broke down and is now understanding the joy of bills, being a grown up and on his own. Life can be hard sometimes and full of lessons.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

This will be one of many post so lets just give you an update. Once there was five and now there is four. Sable has ventured on his own and not live in Jacksonville Fl. He is working at Walmart while his girl friend is going thru school. Michael is out for the summer and has completed his first yr of seminary. Youth conference is next for his summer activity. Sumer is graduating to middle school tonite and wow she is tall and just about knows everything there is to know. How quickly she has gone from my little girl to a pre-teen. Chris is working at NPTU Training Unit in Milton and is loving his job(not). Myself, well I have enjoyed (on and off of course) the pleasure of working with Developmentally Handicap Adults for the last 2 yrs. Have I mentioned that we live in New York, Saratoga Springs. I absolutely love it here, the winters here are the best. For me anyway. Well , I guess that would be it for now. I will add pic later.